Five Ways to Escape Holiday Stress

Posted on November 30

Photo by Mary T Clark

I absolutely love Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I’m huge into family, but I gotta be honest—the holidays seriously stress me out with all the cleaning, cooking, shopping, wrapping … you know the drill. It gets hectic, and sometimes I need to escape. There are some obvious ways to de-stress, like getting a massage, but here are my top five ways to escape holiday hell—and I'm always in great company, whether it's with with my sisters, my mom, my girlfriends or my hubby.

#1 - Night at the drive-in. Did you know those are still open? Pick a dry night to snuggle up with your honey. The colder it is, the more snuggling required. Check showtimes here!

#2 - Volunteer. There are many people in need, so what better way to give back than helping those less fortunate than you? Spend a few mornings helping out at Loaves and Fishes or look into Hands On Sacramento to see other ways to donate your time.

#3 - Wine and game night. Head over to your local grocery store and pick up a few bottles of wine and some snack foods, then invite some friends and family over to play some of your favorite games. My new favorite? Apples to Apples!

#4 - Mani/Pedi. I don't have to convince most women that mani/pedis are awesome, and I realize that most guys are anti—but hear me out. You get to sit in a massage chair while someone massages your legs and feet, and makes your fingers and toes looks nice and clean (no polish required). How is this a bad thing? I melt in my chair every time. 

#5 - People watching. For those of you who are like me and get your holiday shopping done early to avoid last-minute mayhem, you might enjoy this. Go to Arden Fair or Downtown Plaza (I know it sounds crazy) with your husband, wife, sister, brother, friend; get a snack (Auntie Ann's pretzels are my fave); and sit on a bench and watch those around you. Oddly enough, there's something calming about it.

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